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The art of hosting a party and feeding a crowd

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Welcome to Our Kitchens!

Our favorite food is anything shared with friends! We all have taken turns hosting one another in our homes and enjoying food, family and fun! We are a community within ourselves and welcome new members who want to learn more about hosting and feeding large parties. 


Food as Community

Food has a special ability to bring people together. For members of our foodie social club, we will all pitch in to help ensure that the party you host has a feast that you will be proud of. You are not alone, behind you stands an army of new friends who are invested in your success as an Elegant Hostess!


Why we are unique

The Elegant Hostess isn't about discussing the theory of how to host large parties or feed a crowd, we work to develop our art. Every baby shower, birthday, wedding and anniversary is an opportunity to hone our craft and perfect our skills.

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